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Fun Pictures Online has developed a technique that allows you to capture your customer's image and display it as if it were taken in different locations in your cave. Using the latest green screen technology Fun Pictures Online will take the image you capture, either before or after the tour, in front of a green screen and place it in a photograph of one of your unique and special locations in your cave. Imagine the thrill for your customers when they see themselves online at your web site in pictures that would be nearly impossible for them to take.

Fun Pictures Online's green screen process allows you to take just one picture of your customer and display it with backgrounds of your cave's showcase locations. When your customers return to your web site to view and order your products they will promote your business by telling everyone about their special visit with you and invite them to view their pictures. This will create new interest and possible new clients for your business.

By partnering with Fun Pictures Online and making photography a regular part of your business routine you can promote your business with green screen technology and E-Mails in a very cost efficient manner.

See how our process can work for you, visit Squire Boone Caverns and see a how partnering with Fun Pictures Online can benefit your company.

Little Effort + Little Cost =

Increased Web Traffic + Increased Sales

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